8 Awesome Ways To Use Camphor Essential Oil

 camphor essential oil for the arthritis
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 benefits of camphor essential oil

Practical Uses Of Camphor Essential Oil

Japan and Taiwan are known for their beautiful forests of camphor trees. This tree is the official city tree of Hiroshima. Camphor trees also grow in the wild in China; when camphor was introduced to Florida during the late 19th century, it was already being cultivated in large groves in China.

Camphor grew in popularity for its benefits. Because camphor grows best in climates that are warm, tropical, and subtropical, the trees expanded to countries like India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. The essential oil was obtained from the bark and woody parts of trees that were at least 50 years old.

 benefits of camphor essential oil

1Increases Growth Of Hair

Everyone desires long, beautiful hair like Rapunzel's. However, this is not easy to achieve. Because the environment today is so contaminated, lustrous hair is often just a dream rather than a reality.

Still, all is not lost because there is an answer to hair growth. When you mix camphor oil with other essential oils, you can enhance the growth of your hair; any essential oil can be used, like that of chamomile or lavender. Also, the combination makes your hair smell fantastic.

 benefits of camphor essential oil

2Promotes Good Blood Circulation

Camphor essential oil can act as a stimulant. This means that your body's functions, like your metabolism, circulation, digestion, excretion, and secretion, can all benefit. This can address a multitude of ailments, common and uncommon, that result from poor circulation, blockage of secretions, poor digestion, and a metabolic rate that is either too active or not active enough.

Camphor essential oil can do wonders to boost and improve the circulation of your blood. This results in a healthier heart and body as a whole. Camphor essential oil is very potent, and you must use it carefully to prevent any adverse side effects.

 how to use camphor essential oil

3Adds Strength To Hair Roots

A lot of people suffer from hair loss. This can be mitigated by using camphor oil. This essential oil will not damage the hair, and it is useful in preventing hair loss.

Camphor oil can add vigor to the roots of your hair. When you mix camphor with yogurt or egg, this becomes a rich source of nutrients for your hair. Hence, camphor oil can stimulate the growth of your hair.

 benefits of camphor essential oil

4Protects Your Skin From Infections

Camphor oil is very effective as a germicide, as an insecticide, and as a disinfectant. During rainy seasons and in the summer, water sources are at a higher risk of contamination, but the drinking water can be disinfected by adding a little camphor to it. You should avoid applying camphor to wounds that are open.

Medicinal lotions and ointments can also contain camphor to treat diseases of the skin. Camphor oil can heal skin infections caused by fungus or bacteria. If you add camphor oil to your bathwater, you can disinfect your entire body.

 camphor essential oil for the arthritis

5A Liniment For Pain Relief

Camphor can be used to make a spray that you can use for instant pain relief. This requires a glass spray bottle, two drops of camphor oil, and one ounce of alcohol (pure grain). These ingredients are very affordable.

Mix together the camphor essential oil and alcohol. Put this mixture into the spray bottle. Keep it on hand to apply on sprains and sore muscles.

 benefits of camphor essential oil

6A Soothing Soak For Your Bath

A long bath is your simple answer to ultimate relaxation. However, your sore muscles will not get relief from ordinary soap. When you add camphor essential oil to your bathwater, the warm bath will relax your muscles and soothe your nerves.

Put two to three drops of camphor into the water, and you can boost your blood circulation and pamper your aching muscles. Those who suffer from congestion due to a cold or the flu will also find relief. The next time you take a bath, add some camphor oil to it, and treat yourself to a soothing experience.

 camphor essential oil for the arthritis

7An Effective Rub For Your Chest

You can use camphor to make potent vapor rubs in your home. The following are the ingredients and instructions. The ingredients are one ounce of olive oil, three to five drops of camphor essential oil, beeswax in two-inch cubes, and a jar made from glass.

Put the olive oil in a pan, gently heat it up, and add the beeswax; keep stirring to melt the wax. Add the camphor essential oil and mix well. Put this mixture in the glass jar and let it cool. Store at room temperature until you need to use it. The great thing about this rub is that it can last a very long time; a year of shelf life is not uncommon.

 what is camphor essential oil used for

8Used As An Anesthetic Agent

The sensory nerves found in your skin can be numbed by camphor oil. Its properties can act as temporary anesthesia. If your skin is irritated, has bites from insects, or has mild burns, camphor oil can soothe and relieve the discomfort.

Camphor oil can alleviate pain on the skin that is irritated by mild burns. When applied, it can cool and soothe, thus relieving pain. However, if there are open wounds, never use camphor oil on them.

 how to use camphor essential oil

Over the centuries, because of the growing awareness of conservation and saving the trees, producers of essential oils utilize just the foliage because the leaves can quickly grow. When camphor leaves are harvested, which is about every three months, the oil is extracted from the foliage by using a steam distillation process. The biggest producer and supplier of organic products from camphor trees, including white camphor essential oils, is Taiwan.

The botanical name of the camphor plant is Cinnamomum camphora, and it is part of the Lauraceae family. The camphor tree is a sturdy evergreen tree that can grow to a height of 75 feet. One of its distinct features is its massive trunk that has many smaller trunks growing out of it. The bark is rough and thick, and the dense foliage develops into a bright green canopy. Camphor trees like to thrive in places that are sunny and open and do not like standing water, but they are able to stand up against hurricanes and natural disasters.

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